HDFC Life Insurance Company is in the business of life insurance. The Company offers a range of insurance solutions ranging from individual to group insurance policies. It has different insurance and investment products to take care of Protection, Pension, Savings and Health related needs.

Call Option gives Option Buyer right but not an obligation to buy the underlying shares at a predetermined date at a predetermined price. HDFC LIFE Call Option holder has the right to buy HDFC LIFE shares (Lot size or multiple of it) at the selected strike price on the expiry date.

Advantages of Buying HDFC LIFE shares using Quantsapp Option Chain

  • Helps in tracking live HDFC LIFE Futures Price so we know the Fair Value of the underlying.
  • Tracking Live Premiums for all the HDFC LIFE Options helps in knowing the price of Options that we are going to trade.
  • Implied Volatility for the HDFC LIFE Option Strikes to track the uncertainty in those Options
  • Volumes on all HDFC LIFE Options ensure liquidity & participation on that Option, so that the Option we are buying doesn’t face a liquidity issue while exiting.
  • Track Options Greeks for HDFC LIFE Options so we know what is affecting our Option Premiums.
  • Open Interest & Change in Options OI to decipher Option Participants' reaction to any move or event better using color-coded Open Interest in Quantsapp Option Chain.

A)  Call Writers view: Underlying neutral to bearish

B)  Call Writers view when unwinding: Underlying scaling higher

C)  Put Writers view: Underlying neutral to bullish

D)  Put Sellers view when unwinding: Underlying edging lower


  • Biggest Green Bar=Strike with most CE Writers open contracts which might act as a Resistance for HDFC LIFE. When Buying HDFC LIFE shares around the highest Call OI strike & more CE writings & Put OI addition might be vulnerable & vice-versa.
  • Biggest Red Bar=Strike Price with most PE writers having open contracts which might act as a support. When Buying HDFC LIFE shares around the highest Put OI strike & more Put writings & Call OI unwinding addition might be fruitful & vice-versa.
  •  Using Quantsapp Option Chain if buying HDFC LIFE Shares can check how participants change their position when HDFC LIFE reaches around this level.

A) More Put Writers adding OI indicating Put Writers view being mildly bullish on HDFC LIFE which might act as a very crucial level.

B) More CE writers adding OI indicating their view being mildly bearish on HDFC LIFE.

C) ATM HDFC LIFE strike will show the participant’s expectation of an immediate move above scenarios also apply to ATM strikes too.

This is how visually using Quantsapp Option Chain, a trader has advantages while executing a related option strategy.

How to buy subscription for option chain?

  • Step 1:- Sign Up your account with Quantsapp.  
  • Step 2:- Click on your profile icon on the top right corner of the screen.
  • Step 3:- Go to Buy subscription select PRO/PRO+, Monthly/Yearly subscription post comparing & getting information of the subscription plan & choose a payment mode.
  • Step 4:- You will be navigated to Payment Gateway, enter your credentials, hit pay now & start your journey of being a data-driven trader.