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Nifty Option Chain​

In the Nifty Option chain the NIFTY 50 is a benchmark Indian stock market index that represents the weighted average of 50 of the largest Indian companies listed on the National Stock Exchange. Here Live Nifty option chain table shows listing all the NIFTY Options Contracts.

How to Analyse Nifty Option Chain Data

    • Select the desired Instrument from the search panel placed at the top left corner of the tool, For an Instance select NIFTY & get a Live NIFTY Option Chain holding all information From Price and Implied Volatility to OI and Greeks.
    • Get Live NIFTY Future Price & know the Underlying Future Price for Weekly Expiries with the help of our Fair Price in the topmost panel in the NIFTY Option Chain.
    • Get Real-Time Options Greeks for all the Option Strikes.
    • Options are unlike futures & sensitive to multiple variables other than underlying, What-if Analysis calculates the effect of variables on premiums in advance & take a calculated risk using Nifty Option Chain-> What if Analysis.
    • Live Call & Put Options premium of NIFTY to provide you with decision-making insights. Volumes on all the Option strike prices to track the participation & liquidity on a particular option strike.
    • Easily gauge the participant’s sentiments using NIFTY Option Chain in Quantsapp with visually appealing Open Interest & the changes in Open Interest helps any options trader to easily understand color-coded OI & also track OI based resistance & support levels.

How should we interpret the Open Interest Data?​

    • For Open Interest Data every Call or Put Options contract will have a buyer & seller, sellers taking a negative reward to risk, undefined losses, and limited profits Options OI is looked at from the sellers perspective
    • In Quantsapp Option Chain, Open Interest is color-coded with Green for Call OI & Red for Put Open Interest.
    • Quantsapp NIFTY Option Chain helps traders in making informed decisions with Real-Time Data. Look how it goes
    • 1) Heaviest Call OI Strike might act as a Resistance as the highest CE sellers have sold that strike. In Quantsapp NIFTY Option Chain biggest Green will act as a Support.
    • 2) Heaviest Put Open Interest Strike Price in the NIFTY Option Chain might act as a support as the highest PE Options have been sold there. In the Quantsapp Option Chain strike price with the biggest Red bar might act as a support.
    • The Open Interest in BEL Option Chain helps any options traders to easily gauge the participant’s sentiments, the easy to understand color-coded OI in the BEL Options Chain, bigger the bar is more the OI is on that particular strike which makes it easy for traders to understand OI-based resistance & support levels.