> TATAPOWER Option Chain

How to check TATAPOWER Option Chain in Quantsapp follow the steps below

    • Search for Option Chain tool in Quantsapp.
    • On the top left corner we will find the search symbol, just by clicking there we can search for TATAPOWER & we will get TATAPOWER Option Chain.
    • TATAPOWER Option Chain holds a lot of information like OI, Greeks, Volumes & IV is available for free for all its users & auto-updates in Real-Time.

Difference between Option Chain Data in Pre & Post signup.

    • Auto-Updating Data- Post completing the Signup process you will have access to Free Auto-Updating Option Chain Data but Pre signup you will need to refresh to get the real-time Option Chain Data.
    • Visuals- After signup, you can visually decode the participant’s sentiments, the Open Interest bars are coded in such a way that the bigger the bars more Open Interest, helping you to visually identify consensus resistance & support levels.